(( Important Information ))

The Los Santos Sheriff's Department recruits sworn personnel through several different means.

1 - Entry-Level Deputy Sheriff Trainees
2 - State Certified Trainees (prior LEO, state certified)
3 - Reinstatement
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(( Important Information ))

Post by Patrick Machado » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:39 pm

A player interested in joining the Los Santos Sheriff's Department MUST take heed of this thread prior to approaching this faction.

We seek people who are obsessed with focusing on their own roleplay. We want perfectionists. We want people who are willing to sit down and develop a character.

If you join this faction with the expectation of being in a police department but with a beige colored uniform, you will not succeed in our recruitment process. This faction is not a mirror of the LSPD, nor is it intended to be. Our faction is not intended to compete with, to take away from, or to overrule the LSPD.

If you are looking to join a faction where you can do get into pursuits, contribute to massive casefiles on mafias, get into shootouts consistently, and get to do traffic stops...

You will be much better served not joining this faction. The route to our patrol division is arduous and not guaranteed. You will have much more opportunity to do any of those things in the LSPD. This faction's primary focus is niche areas of roleplay not focused on by other factions. Yes, there is a patrol division. Yes, the patrol division does some of those things. But it is entirely possible that when you join this faction, you will have no chance of ever making it into the patrol division. This faction has a more correctional and decentralized interest in things that PD does not already do, such as probation, parole, custody, prison gangs, county-based services, and more illegal faction interaction. We validate gang members, we create casefiles, and we do chase people, but this is in specialized circumstances. By nature of the fact that we almost solely interact with illegal factions on a daily basis, there is little opportunity for interaction with civilian roleplayers. This faction represents an image of the LASD, but we do not aspire to portray every portion of the LASD. The majority of the LASD are custody deputies.

Why do we even have a patrol division then? Because it makes sense to have a second law enforcement agency to focus on the county, but to do so asymmetrically. Isn't this elitist? No, because patrol is something you achieve through effort in roleplay, you don't need to know the right people or kiss up to the right people. We have a solid group of roleplayers who understand this purpose. We don't compete with PD's purpose in this regard. We have one facet of our faction focused on the outside with several attaches representing things like detectives or parole, but it is not nearly as fleshed out, large, or focused as the LSPD. The LSPD's primary focus is municipal, local policing. Our primary focus is corrections, custody, and unincorporated area/contract city patrol. If there's 50 faction members, there's 10-15 of them doing patrol-related things (with maybe a total of 4-6 actively patrolling at any one time), with an additional 10 in a "gray area" where they could exit the jail in specialized circumstances such as a very rare parolee for murder. Maybe 10 more are keeping in touch with people at an outside facility as probation officers. This is not a strict ratio, but it is the intent.

To break it down:

Our faction is county-based and also has some of a rural nature, while there are municipal (contract) functions, our primary focus is to represent aspects of the criminal justice system that a municipal agency cannot represent. A beat cop in South Los Angeles isn't the same thing as a rural county cop in Catalina Island. A deputy in Davis fulfills a different function than a police officer from Mission Row. There will be beat cops in our faction potentially doing things in the city, but the context under which they do these things under is entirely separate from the same sort of thing being done by PD. This means that we do not want to represent a municipal, local law enforcement agency. A Sheriff's Department, by nature, is more political, more decentralized, and better funded. But the caveat, especially for the LASD, is that corrections is where a large budget is spent and maintained - not on fancy equipment and technology, but sinking money into programs for inmates, facilities, and beyond.

Our primary focus is roleplay and narrative, and our narrative is a county-based Sheriff's Department, and therefore jail is a priority, but there is also exterior components. This doesn't make us any better than any other faction, in fact we're the worse option if your intention is to jump into pursuits and chase bad guys. We're going to be in the city from time to time but the primary focus is the county and jail, that means less people, less interactions, less pursuits. If you have some sort of bias, or you're a "reject" of another faction, we do not seek you. If you don't like PD, you won't like us. If you don't like FD, you won't like us. If you don't like DOJ, you won't like us.

By nature of these principles, the faction will likely be smaller and more tight-knit. If you want to try our faction, you are welcome, but do not come with the expectation that you will break a trend. You must understand your position in joining or transferring to this faction. We put effort into all of our roleplay, even if it's "just for a dumb jail." Don't get the impression this faction is full of mallcops, as there is plenty of exterior work to do, but your focus in joining this faction should be to add to our narrative, not to participate in shootouts and chase bad guys. You're not going to get that easy here. When it does happen, it will be rewarding, but it won't be something that you're going to do off the bat.

If you are unwilling to spend time in the custody division and would rather speed directly into the patrol division so you can patrol in a beige uniform, you will more than likely be weeded out of our recruitment process. The people in our faction who DO patrol do so in a quality-over-quantity manner. We want to invest in every roleplay scenario 110%. That means of the limited number of deputies we patrol with, they are investing 110% effort in every interaction regardless of the context and exemplify the values of our faction - that's why they're patrolling and why many people won't be. They're also investing time in the jail regardless of the fact they patrol.

There is plenty of room in our faction for good RP. More opportunity for office politics, more opportunity for corruption, and more opportunity for seedy characters. If you're interested, by all means join us.

TLDR: The only way in is custody. You cannot join this faction and patrol within a month-based timeframe. Join the LSPD if you want to patrol, it is the easier route to do so. There is no guarantee through joining this faction that you ever will be within a patrol division.
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