Employee Complaint and Commendation Forms


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Employee Complaint and Commendation Forms

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How Do I Make A Complaint?
You must fill out a complaint form and submit it to the Internal Affairs Bureau e-mail address. Fill out the report with factual, honest information as you personally witnessed it. If the information in your report is from the point of view of another person, include their information so they may be contacted and interviewed individually.

What Happens After I Make A Complaint?
The Sheriff's Department will look into your complaint and talk to the people involved. Please give us a list of people you think we should talk to that can give us specific information about your complaint. The amount of time it takes to complete a complaint review or investigation depends on many factors and can vary from a few days up to two weeks.

You can check with the Sheriff's Department at any time about your complaint. When we are finished looking into the matter, we will write and tell you what was decided. The Department may find that your complaint is justified and take appropriate action with respect to the employee.

The Internal Affairs Bureau reserves the right to reject complaints on incidents if the reporter waits too long to file the report. This is entirely dependent on the nature of the situation, the time that has passed and the severity of the allegations. Complaints may also be rejected with valid reason. All rejected complaints are still kept on file and the reporter is advised of the reason for the rejection, as well as how to fix the problem if possible.

What If I Want to Commend a Deputy?
If you wish to commend a Deputy for a specific action or repeated behaviors that show compassion, service, integrity, or other commendable traits, send an e-mail to our Command Staff ((LSSD: Command Staff PM group). Commendations do not require a form to complete, simply include the name, badge number, or other ways to determine the Deputy's identity and describe your reasons of wishing to commend said Deputy for their behavior.

Form and Instructions
Take the form below and fill out the relevant information. Pay close attention to each field and include as much relevant information as possible. The more accurate and comprehensive the report, the more easily an investigation can be initially conducted and the truth uncovered.

When done with the form, send the form to the Internal Affairs Bureau e-mail.


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[center][b][size=150]LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT[/size][/b][/center]
[center][b]EMPLOYEE COMPLAINT FORM[/b][/center]
[b](( GTAW FORUM NAME:[/b] [b] ))[/b]
[b]NAME(S):[/b] (If unknown, write UNK)
[b]RANK(S):[/b] (If unknown, write UNK)
[b]BADGE NUMBER(S):[/b] (If unknown, write UNK)
[b]CALL-SIGN(S):[/b] (If unknown, write UNK)
[b]DESCRIPTION OF EMPLOYEE(S):[/b] (If no other information is provided, you may describe the employee. List identifying features including height, weight, race, hair-style, or tattoos. If adequate information is already present, write N/A)
[b]LOCATION OF OCCURENCE:[/b] (Please include streets and major landmarks if unsure of the exact location. If you are reporting a Deputy as an inmate then include cell number, block number, or specific area of the jail.)
[i]Please be as descriptive as possible.[/i]
[b]DESCRIPTION OF OCCURENCE:[/b] (Please summarize what happened. Include names of witnesses and
 any other factual, supporting information. If available, attach voice or video recordings, documentation, or other items that support claims made in this complaint form.) [b](([/b]If using video like shadowplay or voice recordings, use ** to describe where and how the evidence was collected and provide a link to audio, pictures, or video of the incident being reported.[b]))[/b]
[b]Has any member of this Department attempted to discourage you, in any way, from
bringing this matter to the attention of the Department?[/b] Yes / No
[b]If yes, who?[/b] (If you answered 'No', write N/A)
I, by filing this document, agree that all above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I willingly mislead, lie, or otherwise file a false report that I am committing a crime, specifically that of 113. Obstruction of Public Duty.

Sheriff Richard Washington
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department — "A Tradition of Service"
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