Public Policy 1001.2 - Professional Bondsmen / Fugitive Recovery

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Public Policy 1001.2 - Professional Bondsmen / Fugitive Recovery

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Inmates eligible for bond may enter into an agreement with a professional bondsman to serve as surety on their bond.
  • Inmates may secure the services of a professional bondsman to act as a surety for their bond.
  • Professional bondsmen must be authorized by the Sheriff of Los Santos County to provide any services to inmates of the Los Santos County Jail.
  • A list of available bondsmen, approved by the Sheriff, will be posted in the intake and housing areas.
  • At no time are personnel of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department authorized to recommend services from any bonding company.
  • A list of rules & regulations governing the conduct of professional bondsmen shall be made apparent below.
  • Bondsmen are required to make contact with booking/release personnel before arriving. They must give personnel information regarding who they are bonding out, and at what time.
  • Bondsmen are not permitted to loiter or solicit their services while on the premises of the Los Santos County Jail.
  • Bondsmen are prohibited from 'pirating' other clientel from rival services, or harass/intimidate competitor bondsmen.
  • Bondsmen shall not represent themselves as Law Enforcement Officers in any way.
  • Bondsmen shall not use profane or abusive language while at the jail.
  • Bondsmen are only authorized to physically apprehend delinquent fugitives for the purposes of bond revocation, bounties, or payment delinquency with approval of the Sheriff acting at the best of the courts.