[CIB-0001] - Deputy Involved Shooting

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[CIB-0001] - Deputy Involved Shooting

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Sheriff's Information Bureau
Critical Incident Briefing
Date Published: 02/MAY/2021
Point of Contact: Deputy Sheriff G. Tatum


This document is a Critical Incident briefing - designed to provide information to the public about the designated subject. This document entails details related to the subject with relevant narratives, evidence, images or footage that may be related to the subject. The aim of this document is to provide information to the public for a better understanding of what has occurred - based on current knowledge and information.

Please note - the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department conducts very thorough investigations into all information that is being released. The information being released in this document may be posted during an ongoing investigation so details are still being finalized - if this is the case, a further addendum will be released in due course.

A Deputy involved shooting occurred on the 30/APR/2021 at approximately 08:00 PM in the area of Los Santos Rancho's Jamestown Street. Several Deputies responded to a call for assistance placed over the internal radio communication frequency. As a Sheriff's Detective arrived at Jamestown Street, they approached an Afro-American male wearing a red shirt and held him at gunpoint in order to detain him for further investigation.

As the Detective did so, a black Sedan passed them on Little Bighorn Avenue and came to a stop on the corner of Little Bighorn Avenue and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. The individuals in the black Sedan opened fire on both the Detective and the individual wearing a red shirt. The Detective immediately returned fire at the Sedan and discharged a total of seventeen rounds from their standard-issued weapon.

The black Sedan managed to evade the scene. Once they are identified, the individuals will be facing several felony charges. Los Santos Sheriff's Department personnel was not injured in the incident, the individual that has been detained got hit by a single bullet.

DEPUTY SHERIFF (Bonus II) Celia Rose
Sheriff's Information Bureau Commanding Public Information Officer

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