[Parole Application] Kristen Lawrence

Inmates can submit requests for parole and early release here.
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[Parole Application] Kristen Lawrence

Post by aDjidas » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:13 am

  • Parole Request Form

    03, 26, 2020

    Personal Information
    Name: Kristen Lawrence
    Date of Birth: 07/07/YYYY1989
    Known relatives: None
    Vehicle(s): Sultan Classic
    Phone number: 63423416
    • Street name or address
    • Currently None.

    Parole Review
    Have you ever committed any of the following offenses?
    • Murder
    • Attempted Murder
    • Torture
    [X ] Yes [ ] No

    Have you ever been disciplined whilst serving time within TTCF?

    [ ] Yes [X ] No

    Do you regret the actions that led to your imprisonment? Elaborate.

    Yes, it was a big mistake. Drug addiction made me take someones life in order to get more finances for even more drugs, now that I've been clean for over 10 years in prison I'm ready to get back into society and never make the same mistakes again.

    Has your time in TTCF changed you, as a person? If so, how?

    I've been rehabilitated and would never touch any drugs, I wouldn't say it has changed me as a person much - If it did, it didn't in a good kind of way, a prison is a dark place where even darker things occur.

    Why do you believe you deserve parole? Elaborate.

    I've served my time without any disciplinary punishments, I never get into any trouble and I feel like I've been rehabilitated to the point I'm ready to get back out in the society.

    Do you plan on seeking legal employment, if paroled?

    Yes, I'm looking to work as a mechanic in one of the local mechanic shops.


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Re: [Parole Application] Kristen Lawrence

Post by Lukas Schmidt » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:23 pm

Parole has been denied, the individual has been spoken to by Parole Deputies.
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