Facility Information, Visiting, Contacting an Inmate


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Facility Information, Visiting, Contacting an Inmate

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  • The Twin Towers Correctional Facility also referred to in the media as Twin Towers Jail, is a complex in Los Santos, San Andreas. The facility is located on Sustancia Road in Los Santos and is operated by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department.

    The jail consists of two General Population (GP) Units housing up to maximum security inmates and one Secure Housing Unit (SHU) used to hold offenders with serious behavioral or management concerns. Each unit is capable of operating independently of each other, with GP units having independent dining rooms, clothing distribution rooms, libraries, chapels, indoor gyms and jail industry workshops. The facility also has a healthcare services building.
  • — Written Contact
    Inmates serving their sentence at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility may be sent letters and care packages. Care packages can only be received from pre-approved addresses and contacts. Inmates may also send mail to pre-approved addresses. Inbound and outbound mail is thoroughly inspected by jail staff before delivery. Any attempt to smuggle contraband inside or outside of the institution through the mail may be met with criminal prosecution.

    To ensure that mail indeed reaches its intended recipient, please indicate the recipient address as follows:
    • Inmate Full Name
      Twin Towers Correctional Facility
      300 Sustancia Road
      Los Santos, SA 212
    (( You will need to send this letter to "honey." on GTA:W Forums or Isabella Ramirez on LSSD Forums, within this message please note down the relevant Forum name of the recipient. If the letter does get approved, it'll be sent by the aforementioned person to the recipient. ))

    — Phone Contact
    Inmates assigned to General Population Units may use Twin Towers-provided phone services when not engaged in other activities to contact numbers pre-approved from jail staff. Inmates in a Secure Housing Unit placement may not make phone calls, exception made for emergency situations.

    The usage of facility phones is a privilege which can be revoked at the discretion of Deputies, such as for a violation of jail rules. All phone calls are recorded and may be monitored or reviewed.
  • Members of the public may arrange in-person visits with inmates incarcerated in correctional facilities. Prior to arriving at the visit location, members of the public must ensure they possess a valid form of ID. Accepted identification must contain a photo. The following may be used as accepted identification:
    • Any United States Driver's License
    • Armed Forces Identification Card
    • Any United States or international passport
    You cannot visit if you have been to state prison, currently on parole or probation. If you have a warrant or do not have a valid form of government-issued identification visitation will not be permitted.

    — Rules and Regulations
    • Visitors shall put all their personal belongings in the designated lockers. Only an ID and a single key are allowed on the visiting floors.
    • All Minors under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent. A legal guardian with the appropriate paperwork to verify legal guardianship. Children/Minors count as one visitor regardless of age. Children/Minors cannot be left unattended; no facility childcare available. Unattended children/minors can result in banned visiting privileges.
    • A maximum of two people is allowed per each inmate visiting session. Children [17 and under] count as one visitor regardless of age.
    • Visitors are not to be under the influence of any alcohol, narcotic or drug and will be subject to arrest.
    • Visitors are subject to search at any time while on the property. Random security checks of persons and/or their property are conducted and considered necessary to provide safety and security for the facility, inmates, employees, and visitors.
    • Visitors shall not wear clothing items similar in color to those worn by jail staff or inmates.
    • Visitors are expected to dress modestly.
    • Clothing items that cannot successfully pass a metal detector need to be removed prior to the visit taking place.
    • Members of the public may not bring in any items except religious or medical devices.
    • Visitors must consent to a terry frisk prior to entering the visitation room and once leaving, if visitors do not consent to said frisk, they cannot progress with the visitation and will be denied entry to the facility.
    • Visits may be non-contact, contact or professional, depending on the placement level of the inmate being visited, decisions made by jail staff and wishes expressed by visitors.
      • In contact visits, the inmate and the visitor are allowed to sit on the opposite side of a table and contact is allowed.
      • In non-contact visits, the inmate and the visitor are separated by a transparent pane of bulletproof glass and are required to speak via the use of phone.
      • In professional visits, the inmate and the visitor can, but are not limited to use a private room with CCTV coverage but no sound recording; professional visits are limited to attorneys admitted to the State Bar.
    • Visitors and inmates may only speak in English throughout the duration of the visit.
    Other rules not listed on this page may apply to the visit due to department policy, circumstances or jail staff decision. These rules also must be respected at all stages of the visit.
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