(( Read before applying! ))


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(( Read before applying! ))

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If you are interested in applying, we recommend you read below to gain a better understanding of whether or not this faction is suited for you.

Roleplay Standard Expectation

We hold the members of our faction to the highest standard of roleplay quality. We seek people who are obsessed with focusing on their own roleplay. We want people who are willing to sit down and develop a character.

If your goal is to join this faction and expect to be in the police department whilst wearing a tan and green uniform, you will not succeed here. This faction is not intended to be a mirror of the LSPD, nor is it here to compete with the LSPD.

Our goal is to provide a quality, immersive law enforcement roleplay experience for everyone on the server. As said, we want realistic and fruitful characters. If your goal is to get into pursuits and shootouts, or to arrest kingpins and make huge drug busts, we suggest you look elsewhere, as this faction extensively focuses on individual and collective character development.

The narrative we are attempting to push is that we focus on character development and roleplay. As a faction, we strive to portray (not replicate) the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. It should also be noted that we have a split priority between patrol and custody. Prior to applying, you must understand that you will be required to dedicate a certain amount of time per month in the county jail. If you do not wish to do this, we recommend you look elsewhere, as this is a crucial aspect of our faction.

If you are willing to develop a personable character, that is well thought out and realistic, we believe you will enjoy your time in our faction. We wish you the best of luck in our recruitment process.

No-Microphone Policy

Players without a microphone are welcome to join the faction and are capable of rising to the level of command or beyond. We only provide no-microphone permission to faction members as the result of a disability - not personal choice. Members may be limited to strictly custody based assignments. Restrictions may also be applied dependent upon specialized divisions. Faction members with no-microphone permission may be able to patrol, but will be limited to patrolling with a partner who has a working microphone. Other restrictions may be put in place as deemed necessary by Command/Executive Staff.

If you are incapable of using a microphone, custody is a great opportunity and avenue for progression in our faction. We have structured that aspect of our faction in a manner which allows the least amount of microphone use possible. There will be opportunities for exterior work, such as parole, transport, and beyond. We encourage individuals without a microphone to apply to our faction. Please speak with Executive Staff prior to applying to explain your situation and discuss options available to you!
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