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Points of Contact

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Points of Contact
There may be many questions or concerns you have during the hiring process for the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. To ensure your questions or concerns are handled in a timely manner, please contact the appropriate person based on your issue. Under no circumstances should the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department's Command or Executive Staff be contacted regarding entry level hiring matters, be it questions or disqualification appeals.

The Training Bureau is operates under full authority of the Sheriff of Los Santos County, and will have the final say on all matters related to hiring.

For general questions, see:
F.A.Q. & Questions / Answers

For disqualification appeals, contact:
Lieutenant Alexander Rhodes, Unit Commander

For complaints regarding TB Command, contact:
Commander Martin Schultz

For matters regarding reinstatement requests, contact:
LSSD Command Staff

For matters regarding lateral transfers, contact:
LSSD Executive Staff
Sheriff Rick Washington
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department — "A Tradition of Service"
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