(( A Note to Potential LSSD Members ))


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(( A Note to Potential LSSD Members ))

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A Letter to Prospective Applicants

To prospective applicants,

First off, thank you for submitting your application to the Sheriff's Department and deciding to dedicate your time to this faction. The goal of this letter is to plainly explain the goals and expectations of the LSSD, and give you an understanding of what we are looking for in a good candidate.

The first, and foremost, is we are looking for realistic California-esque characters played by roleplayers who understand that this faction is centred around realism and portrayal of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The LASD is 52% Hispanic, 31% white, 7.5% black, 5.5% Asian and the vast majority were born in America. Of course, the LSSD ICly / OOCly does not discriminate towards immigrant characters, but we do scrutinize "unique" stories to ensure that they are realistic and hold them up to the United States / California immigration statistics and ensure the stories are realistic and well justified. Our view is that normal is normal for a reason, and a good roleplayer can roleplay a "normal" character with minor quirks or flaws without giving a superhero origin story. We're looking for well-researched character backgrounds, and your knowledge will be tested throughout the process so a brief understanding of what you're roleplaying is important.

Many new players will find themselves spending a significant amount of time in Twin Towers Correctional Facility, working in a custody setting. This will be a great place to practice and hone your "passive" roleplay skills in a controlled environment and allow for you to set the stage for your character going forward. You will be taught how to properly roleplay within the jail and there are dozens of guides that will help you, but new members must understand they will be spending a good chunk of their time pulling jail duty. Jail duty is as fun or as boring as you make it, and the folks who take initiative to learn the ropes and be better typically become addicted to it and spend more time in there than on the road.

Secondly, applicants must have a good foundation of roleplaying a good character and working with the community to provide a great experience. LEO experience is not required, but the foundations of good roleplay must be present. This means that if you have a history of roleplaying unrealistic characters, pretending GTA:W is a SecondLife dating/ERP simulator, or playing to win then you may not find yourself successful in the process. The LSSD is a teaching faction primarily, we want everyone to succeed but the foundations must be there as they cannot be taught. LEOs on the server have an immense amount of power and any abuse of it can ruin lots of long-term roleplay for members of the community. You must be prepared to "lose" situations and have the worst possible outcome for your character sometimes, as "losing" is frequently better character development than always winning.

Constructive criticism is a huge part of learning and becoming a better roleplayer/faction member. You will be subjected to both IC criticism and OOC criticism / mentoring throughout your time in the LSSD. IC errors will remain IC as much as possible and often your character may be berated, yelled at, etc depending on the circumstances and the supervisor. Your character may also become a bit of a pariah and other deputies may not trust them as a backup deputy while they struggle to find their groove as a deputy. OOC criticism may come from concerns about portrayal or unrealistic things that happen in game, and these will always be more measured and educational. The LSSD is a unique environment like no other with a unique set of standards, and our goal is to help you ease into these standards. In all but the most egregious/malicious cases, you will be approached and taught how to improve before any action is taken.

This application process is difficult, but if you have the above things down, we are willing to teach and help you become a great LEO roleplayer that is a benefit to the community you play in. This type of hyper-realistic environment is not for everyone, but we welcome those willing to learn and take constructive criticism on a daily basis!

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